One-handed Dagger and Torch

It is a rather uncommon weapon pairing to come across in the world of Albion, however it is relatively easy to unlock and then taken out onto the battle front. Fortunately, both the one-handed Dagger and Torch are both located under the archery branch of the Destiny Board. After mastering any Journeyman Hunter's weapon, you'll be able to learn the ability to use both your Adept's Dagger and Adept's Torch. Unlocking the Torch will require you to first use the Journeyman's Torch, however.

Both the one-handed Dagger and the Torch synergize surprisingly well together and can dish out high amounts of damage when utilized efficiently. With a primary focal point of the build revolving around Poison damage, the Torch provides some additional support when using the Quick Thinker passive – reducing all cooldowns by roughly 5%. This also inherently increases your potential mobility as well.

Let's briefly cover the one-handed Dagger skills that are used in Vezin's build.

Sunder Armor: This is a skill that is always a great boon to have in your group, in terms of both, PvP and PvE. Not only does it provide some sustained damage, but it also reduces the target's armor and magical resists by a hefty portion for 8 seconds. What makes this even more valuable is the fact that it stacks, three times, with the potential of negating your enemy's armor and magic resists entirely!

Dash: This is one of the most vital skills in this build, as it provides you with both, a gap-closer and a method of escape that makes up for the inherent squishiness of this build.

According to Vezin, having such a short cooldown dash really helps me get getting you in and out of the fray when you need to. If you get crowd controlled, all you have to do is dash out, wait a few seconds for your cooldowns, and you are right back in the fight shredding your enemies.

Poison Coating: This is the bread and butter skill for your burst damage in this build. Similar to Poison, this skill coats your weapon to do additional poison damage. The difference here is that, instead of functioning as a damage-over-time ability, the damage is instantaneously dealt per hit. In other words, Poison Coating amplifies the damage of your next 5 attacks quite significantly. When you consider the potential synergy with Haste's auto attack speed increase, it is easy to understand the burst damage that this build can dish out.

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